Peg's Place | Fogo, Fogo Island

New beginning !!!!!!

Hi Everyone, I would like to start my new blog by saying a big big thank you to my friend Aaron Brown for doing the new web site for Peg’s Place. He has done a super job, his pictures are amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again Aaron. 

I have change the name of my business from B&B to Place. It’s still the same great service, only difference you have to help yourself at breakfast. I’ve decided to take a little break this year, work at half capacity and have a little more time for myself.  Next year we will be up and running in full capacity.

I just got back from my daily hike to Lion’s Den with my friend Libby. We chatted with a lovely couple from Florida who were resting on the boardwalk as we passed.

It’s a beautiful sunny day which is so nice to see after a couple of weeks of rain and fog.